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Nadia, Tyler and Ayesha Shared Their Calls to Action

Nadia, Tyler and Ayesha, three Members of Children’s Parliament met with Lorna Slater MSP at 9am on Friday morning via MS Teams. The children shared their favourite calls to action from the work they have been involved with as Climate Changemakers and Investigators for Scotland’s Climate Assembly. 

Nadia (12) spoke about the importance of educating children and adults alike; Nadia believes that if we all realised how serious the climate emergency is, we would all join up to try and address it head on. Lorna reflected that when she speaks with local adults in her constituency about climate change, many tell her that they don’t know much about it themselves, butt they are learning from children around them: “The biggest thing [children] can do is talk to adults about it. [the climate emergency]”  

Nadia also shared her idea of including children’s voices on climate change in local newspapers and groups.

Tyler’s (11) favourite call to action is a National Tree Planting Day. He believes that if a small community planted just one tree every year, they would eventually grow an entire forest. This could help reduce greenhouse gases. Lorna shared that she will take this ask back to her office as Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity and look into the ways in which they can support this call to action being a reality through community sign up, experts to support and finding a sustainable supply of trees. 

Ayesha (11) feels very strongly about the link between greenhouse gases and farm animals. She spoke about the benefits of eating less meat, and switching to a plant-based diet. Ayesha was interested to know more about Lorna’s role as a Minister, and whether or not she has any pets- and how this relates to climate impact versus mental wellbeing.

Lorna Slater shared that the children’s Calls to Action “are really practical and really different.” Nadia and Tyler told Lorna that they’re really looking forward to meeting her Co-Leader, Patrick Harvie, in the Blue Zone next week, and the conversation finished with a promise that we will host an in-person Dance Party (a Climate Changemakers favourite!) very soon! 

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