Children’s Climate Protest


Three children in Lochwinnoch staged a climate protest to voice their calls to action on the climate emergency in Scotland. Local MP Mhairi Black met with them last week to discuss bringing their calls to action to life.

The children asked Mhairi 10 questions on their Calls to Action for tackling the climate emergency. Their key message for adults is for “the government to act faster. They need to change laws to stop people and companies from burning fossil fuels, before it is too late.”

The girls also told Mhairi that they are protesting “to raise awareness of the climate emergency in Lochwinnoch and beyond.” They also spoke to Mhairi about their hopes for COP26, saying that “They [the governments around the world] have been talking about climate change for years, but nothing has changed. We need to stop talking and start acting.

They also reflected on their futures and their children’s rights, saying that “it was [older] people [than us] who mostly caused this mess, and now they have left it to young people to fix it- but not supported us to even fix it. We are protesting…because that’s where our MP Mhairi Black meets with adults.”

They included that “we want elected representatives to meet with us. Mhairi inspires us, because she was the youngest ever MP. We want to ask her what she can do to help younger people fight the climate emergency.”

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