P6s Hold Climate Surgery

Diet, Travel, and Sea Use Calls to Action!

P6s at Glenburn Primary School hosted Siobhan Brown MSP and Sharon Dowey MSP for a climate surgery. They shared their ideas on climate action, including 4 calls to action on Diet, Lifestyle, Land and Sea Use and Travel.

Call to Action 1: Diet

The children called on the elected representatives to provide space in primary schools for children to grow their own food. They also wanted to see more education in schools around gardening and cooking local, high quality foods.

Call to Action 2: Lifestyle

The children called for recycling to be made easier and more accessible for everyone, including in public spaces like shopping centres.

Call to Action 3: Travel

The children were very concerned about the environmental impact of governments telling people to buy more electric cars. They want to see elected representatives think of better alternatives, and cheaper ones too, such as replacing fossil fuel engines with isolated electric engines and providing an easy recycling program for people to swap over their old vehicles.

Call to Action 4: Land and Sea Use

The P6s were especially passionate about the health of their local environment. They called for more bins, a national litter picking day and for adults to provide more green spaces for communities.

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