Children’s Rights and Climate Action at Craigmount

Children Create Pledges Demanding Action

Children in a sustainability group at Craigmount High School have created 5 pledges to climate action for elected representatives. The pledges were shared with elected representatives to respond to and bring forward to COP26 in Glasgow. The group drew upon children’s rights to be taken seriously in decisions that affect their futures, proposing that anyone who signs up to the pledges create an action plan for tackling the climate emergency.

You can get in touch with Craigmount to sign up to their pledge.

The Five Pledges Areas:  

  1. Respect and Environment –   
  • Do not litter  
  • Recycle  
  • Put litter in the correct bin  
  • Buy less plastic  
  • Pick up anything you accidentally dropped  
  • No graffiti  
  • Buy reusable plastic  
  • Do not damage trees  

2.    Transport –  

  • Take the bus  
  • Walk more  
  • Try to look at buying electric cars or hybrids  
  • Use public transport  
  • Cycle to school  
  • Video call where possible  
  • Do not ask parents to drop you off somewhere close by  
  • Share car rides with friends  

3.    Energy and Resources –  

  • Stop wasting toilet paper  
  • Stop buying plastic bottles (buy products in glass)  
  • Do not leave the TV on  
  • Turn off unused consoles  
  • Take shorter showers  
  • Turn lights off when not in use  
  • Open windows instead of using a fan or air conditioner  
  • Buy second-hand products  
  • Do not leave chargers on overnight  
  • Switch off screens in school  
  • Use more whiteboards than TV  
  • Use sunlight as a lighting source  

4. Food and Water – 


  • Stop wasting food – only buy what you need  
  • Don’t throw away food  
  • Finish food  
  • Plans meals to prevent wasting food  
  • Eating locally sourced food  
  • Don’t overbuy, buy what you need and eat what you are given 
  • Only take portions which we are likely to eat  
  • Only buy products with sustainable palm oil  



  • Have shorter showers  
  • Do not waste water  
  • Use less water  
  • Do not leave the tap on longer than necessary  
  • Shower more and less baths  
  • Do not buy water in plastic bottles (get it from the tap)  
  • Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth  

5. Influence Change –  

  • Influence my family to make the same changes.  
  • Influence my friends inside and outside school.  
  • Join the Youth Scottish Parliament  
  • Join the Young Friends of the Earth   
  • Have lessons in school e.g. Geography, Biology, FCT and PSE on how the environment and wildlife are being affected and what we can do through Democracy in action e.g. Modern Studies; How does climate change relate to social justice and human rights?  
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