MSYPS Host Climate Surgeries With Elected Representatives

The MSYPs shared their Calls to Action on tackling the climate emergency in Scotland.

Cameron Garrett MSYP met Neil Bibby MSP

Cameron’s Call to Action was:

Meaningful participation of children and young people.

Cameron said: “The Climate emergency is critical, if we are to move out of it in a way that respects young people’s rights then there must be full and meaningful engagement so young people’s climate priorities are listened to and acted upon.”

Josh Kennedy MSYP met Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP

They discussed SYP’s priorities for COP26, youth participation, and young people’s rights.

Josh said: “The backdrop to COP26 is an ever-growing climate catastrophe. Young people cannot wait any longer for action. Decision makers must stand up and make bold changes to save future generations.”

Scott Macmillan MSYP met Collette Stevenson MSP 

Scott’s Calls to Action were:

Meaningful participation for younger people

Addressing litter and waste problems

Mitigating or stopping the climate emergency

Scott said: “Our future is at stake and ‘The Moment’ allows young people to have their voice heard by decision makers. I will be bringing up the littering crisis we’re facing, and the link it has to the climate emergency, as well as SYP’s priorities for COP26.” 

COY16: Mollie McGoran MSYP met with Ross Greer MSP and Gillian Mackay MSP

Mollie’s Calls to Action were:

Meaningful participation for younger people

Providing climate education

Developing rural skills education

Pursuing sustainability

Incorporating the UNCRC

Wiktoria Orlicka MSYP and Ryan Kelly MSYP facilitated a surgery with 15 young people from North Lanarkshire, attended by Neil Gray MSP and Anum Qaisar-Javed MP.

Young people took part in a conversation café and discussed issues relating to: 

  • Lifestyle
  • Work & Learning
  • Land & Sea
  • Diet